Education & Research

Clean Energy from Carbon The Elementa Process (EP) converts carbon based matter into a synthetic gas (“syngas”) with properties and utility values similar to that of natural gas. The syngas and resultant heat can be used to power turbines, engines or fuel cells for the generation of electricity, distilled into ethanol or hydrogen, or used […]

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Technology FAQ

Answers to Some Common Questions Q. Isn’t this just another form of gasification or incineration? A. No. Incineration is burning. Gasification technologies may include forms of incineration, typically known as a two-staged process, where the pyrolysis occurs in the first stage and contaminated gases are incinerated in step two. There is no burning or pyrolysis in […]


Electronic waste (e-Waste) is a term used to categorize electronic equipment that has reached the end of its serviceable life and is destined for disposal. Electronic devices and equipment are generally considered toxic when disassembled and/or landfilled, and typically are targeted for hazardous disposal or recovery and reuse programs.  The e-Waste industry is an emerging […]

Pilot Plant

Elementa’s Pilot Plant in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario has been processing unsorted municipal solid waste since October. The plant has undergone third-party scientific verification and has received Ontario Ministry of Environment approvals. The plant has been used to optimize various stages of the process with particular focus on managing elemental chemistry for the stoichiometric conversion […]


The Elementa Group Elementa is a high growth company with deep roots in environmental science, clean energy and waste management, with unique intellectual property and a passion for developing a sustainable future and a clean planet for future generations. Our Technology The Elementa Process is an endothermic, non-combustion process that features a water-based chemistry for the […]