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How to Upgrade the Ambiance of Your Home

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If you have initially moved into your new place, the walls may not be your favorite sight. Given that you are renting or moving into a home that was previously owned, you may not enjoy the same taste with the previous owner. The choice of decor may not also fit your palate thus a change can really be something you may be looking forward to achieve.  

To get your ambiance of choice, you need a boy of work to do. You can easily do so through following the things mentioned below. 

1. Go vintage  

The ambiance of our home does not solely depend on the color of the paint you invested on the walls or the ceiling but will also have something to do with the furniture you will put in it. Your choice of furniture deeply affects how your space can be perceived and how it can appear to you as an owner. Since most of your furniture can be found on your living area, it deeply sucks in the attention of those who enter your home. If you have neutral-colored walls, it may not be the best advice to go for a couch that is plain and boring. You can easily provide a pop of personality on your living space through exploring the artistic advantage of vintage materials. Old furniture has a lot of patterns in them and will surely upgrade your bare living space. 

2. Get some life in 

Getting something that has life in your space can provide a good vibe to your home. Plants come in variety and has their own preference when it comes to sunlight exposure and water needs. If you want to incorporate some life in your indoor space, you can easily choose plants that can survive without the need of too much sunlight exposure. Besides the benefit it brings when it comes to providing your home quality air, they also provide a good pop of color while giving you the convenience of lesser maintenance because they require very little attention.  

3. Lit up your space 

The lighting in your home can provide an immense change in your home’s ambiance. It not only lists up your space but also provide an illusion of asking your space more spacious to look at.  

Lighting can come in many forms and can generally be categorized into two major distinctions; natural and ambient. Natural lighting can come from the sun and anything that comes outdoors. It practically lights up your space without the use of electricity thus will surely not be heavy on the pocket. Moreover, taking advantage of natural light will surely help in decreasing the carbon footprint on earth. On the other hand, it may not be easy to gain access to natural lighting at night time that’s why it is also significant to rely on ambient lighting. Whether your concern is the night time or the spaces who does not have decent sized windows, ambient lighting works its way into lighting up your space. Through natural or ambient lighting, you will surely be able to upgrade the vibe or ambiance of your space.  

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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Puppy?

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If you are still having problems getting the attention of your puppy and making them listen to you, take some time to assess your cues and body language and keep on working on how to communicate clearly with them. Here are a few helpful tips you should remember while puppy and dog training

Watch your energy level 

Confidence can help puppies be successful in their training. Make sure to stay calm, even when your puppy is not at the moment. Allow your puppy to settle down first so that you can continually work with them. Also, keep in mind that your body language can speak volumes. So, when you’re giving commands, it’s best to stand up straight to create a leadership role with them and make them concentrate on your command. 

Pay attention to the tone of your voice 

A calm voice can translate to a calm puppy. While excited voice makes them excited as well. In terms of dog/puppy training, you can effectively deal with each session by maintaining a calm voice. When your puppy easily gets excited, help your puppy to be focused, keep engaged, and settle down using a calm tone. 

Allow your puppy some time to respond 

Since puppies are still young, they are still trying to learn. Hence, patience is key as you give them commands. Take note that words like “house,” “come,” and “sit” are still unfamiliar to them and that they require more time to know what these commands indicate. Allow up to 3 seconds for them to respond to your command. 

Don’t keep on repeating a command 

When your puppy is not responding to the command after 3 seconds, make sure not to use the common mistakes of puppy training, which is to repeat the command over again until they get it right. If you do that, the meaning of the commands and even their names could be diminished. Rather, repeat the command word once more using a strong tone. Then, utilize the food lure and corresponding hand signal to guide them as to what you want them to perform. 

Use clear words 

Remember that all words are bizarre and new for puppies. So, do not use strange words or a whole lengthy sentence because it can be quite confusing for them. They cannot distinguish that what you want them to do is to sit down. 

Rather, as you do some puppy training, it’s recommended to use concise and clear words that can help them easily learn what they need to do with your command. For example, if you want them to sit, the best way to ask them is to say “sit.” 

Take advantage of leverage 

As you’re training, you want to let yourself be seen as the most important thing and person within the room to your puppy, out of all the distractions around them. You can do so by taking advantage of your pup’s food and have it with you all the time because it’s very valuable to them. After they perform a command, you can give them this delicious treat. 

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