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Pilot Plant

Elementa’s Pilot Plant in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario has been processing unsorted municipal solid waste since October, 2007.


The plant has undergone third-party scientific verification and has received Ontario Ministry of Environment approvals. The plant has been used to optimize various stages of the process with particular focus on managing elemental chemistry for the stoichiometric conversion of feedstock to syngas with 98% volume conversion rates.



Based on these successful results, Elementa is in negotiation with several municipalities and industrial partners for the construction of full-scale facilities. The basic design stays true to the layout of the pilot plant, with larger, commercially available rotary kilns deployed to create scalable processing lines of a size required by the site-specific applications. Lines are ‘stacked’ in parallel fashion to create facilities as large as needed by the customer, providing a viable range of project size in the municipal waste market from 5MW to 300MW.







Municipal Solutions

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